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Permaculture is a land use design method that works by closely observing site-specific natural processes so that ecosystems can be regenerated and human habitats become resilient and sustainable.  Clients are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the basic concepts of permaculture so that and effective collaboration with ERD ensues.  ERD offers consultations, basic concept design as well as full site design services for the sustainable development of your land using the principles and ethics of permaculture.  ERD produces educational lectures and workshops to the public throughout the year.  


ERD performs a two hour walk through assessment of your land, providing permaculture possibilities in relationship to your vision of the site.  This includes a PDF summary of our recommendation in order of priority.

A basic concept design lays out a general permaculture plan for your property. This is a good place to start for clients who have some experience with permaculture and would like to develop a full design themselves. A basic concept design includes:

  • Written assessment, analysis and summary of recommendations

  • Design recommendation overlaid on your base map

  • General plant list to be applied

Basic Concept Design

A full site design involves developing  detailed specifications for your site including a cost estimate and implementation details.

  • Written assessment, analysis and summary of recommendations

  • Detailed design recommendation overlaid on your base map

  • Specific plant list with suppliers noted

  • Implementation timetable

  • Estimated cost analysis for implementation

Full Site Design

ERD works with a team of talented consultants, favoring collaboration over competition ERD works closely with a number of local contractors to foster fullest expression of regenerative living. 

Jill Giegerich, MFA, Permaculture Designer  Jill  is an artist, a certified permaculture design consultant, a founding member of Transition Joshua Tree (TJT) and the TJT Permaculture Team, and a retired Professor from the University of California, Riverside. She has been involved in permaculture for the last 6 years receiving her Permaculture Design Certificate from Occidental Arts and Ecology Center in June 2011. She has been designing and building permaculture systems for her own property while consulting, conducting workshops, teaching and giving lectures on drylands permaculture. She believes that the ethics and principles of permaculture can lead us from an extractive paradigm to a regenerative one. 

Matt Smith, Earthworks Engineer  Matt is an earthwork engineer and artist.  Matt has been terraforming landscapes in order to create more efficient land hydrologies for past 39 years.

Buck Buckley, Solar Contractor  Buck is an energetic contractor dedicated to eliminating the burning of fossil fuels for any purpose (heating, cooking, transportation, etc.)  He builds complete solar systems, rain water catchment systems and grey water bio-fields.  He also an AirBnB host with several 1950's era AirBnB trailers retrofitted to be sustainable, educational and rather cool. For more about Buck and his projects checkout 2minutesofsunlight.com