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The vast amount of human biochemical insights, generated in research labs from around the globe, trickles down to the medical establishment and subsequently to you at far too slow a pace.  Fortunately, theres a growing number of scientific investigators, medical practitioners and citizen scientists beginning to do something about this shortcoming.  Such individuals are known collectively as ‘biohackers”.  Biohacking is a term generally used in the application of insights gained in regards to human biology/biochemistry, systems thinking and technology in ways that are not typically offered by the established medical community.  Biohackers take pride in applying their passion, knowledge and insights towards regenerating the “biochemistry of being”through optimizing the body, mind and performance.  


General schematic of the modalities that lend themselves to biohacking.


Mayra McCullough, Body Integration Specialista holistic approach to fitness that integrates every physical component of oneselfMayra is a veteran of the Hollywood film industry and elite Personal Trainer.  Her passion and skill has brought her much success in both the film and fitness industries.  She has over 15 certifications in fitness training, various modalities of movement and nutrition, as well as Certificate of Distinction from the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) for having demonstrated a commitment to education beyond standard requirements.  In 2015 she achieved 10,000 physical training hours to date and champions fitness in all its forms. This allows Mayra to be considered a Master Fitness Trainer.  Mayra is the founder and president of Coach2Edify foundation (Coach2Edify.org).